We hold on to this mantra, thus every collection is passionately chosen and designed, for beautiful, confident, and happy people.  Our product ranges from adult to children wear. Adult sizes are from S to XXL and kids' sizes are available from 2 until 12 year olds.

Our motto is to be the world’s inspiring brand for modern women and kids, promoting classy and timeless look.


Haifa, a mother of 4, created HijabJunior to ease mothers finding awesome quality and comfortable hijab for kids. She had difficulty finding a good hijab for her only daughter and realized friends were also looking for hijabs for their daughters.  She then began producing 60 pieces of multicolored hijabs, her daughter chooses some and started selling the rest of the remaining hijabs. It was sold like hotcakes.

 After doing some research, a small-scale idea was developed into a business plan, and HijabJunior was finally born. In 2016, HijabJunior went on full time scale. By August 2016 hijabjunior.com was launched with pride and gratitude offering more than 60 types and colors of hijab for kids.

Today, more than 10,000 pieces are sold to more kids worldwide.



2018 was an important successful milestone because HijabJunior went for a re-branding process and evolved to be HIJAJU. On top of that it was the year Hijaju established a physical store in Shah Alam.  We have broadened our products, improved customer experiences and upgraded our business model, resulted into a clearer business objective. We wanted to share our passion in fashion and positive lifestyle by offering modern & modest women's wear and  kids' wear. What Hijaju wants is to help successful professional women look great while managing everyday challenges and achieving success at the same time.

We are compelled to share what's important in our brand. I am a busy professional mother who owns  a fashion brand, having to balance my career with  4 growing-up children who needs constant attention, a spouse and no daily helper. My virtue is to stay being fashionable and stylish without having to spend time fashioning myself. All the products in Hijaju requires no or minimum ironing, no extra care required (can straight away machine wash), easy care and always a simple classy timeless piece so you can wear over and over again and mix and match.

So, do logon to www.hijajushop.com to shop online or just waze Hijaju  to come and visit our boutique.

This year in 2019, Hijaju works with other brands to have them aboard in www.hijajushop.com. We carefully select brands that carry similar values and focus and have them available online at our website. We have made progress, we are planning to look for partners into South East Asia and North America.

Our focus is to allow you to be the successful woman you want to be and and at the same time be a fashion beauty.

Hijaju's journey is an example of  how we constantly want to be FRESH, NEW and BEAUTIFUL.


From a one-man-show, we have grown to be a team.  3 sales and operations team members. They are integral and the people we depend on. 

We design and pick practical and comfortable clothing wear to inspire you to be happy, feel fresh, confident and beautiful.


Hijaju takes great care that our merchandises comes from producers, wholesalers and tailor  that are lawfully, through honest dealings and  without exploiting the people who make them. Most of the pieces were made ethically the tailors are locals and workers with permits. We believe in making sure that the fashion eco-system is fair and happy place to everybody in the industry.


Yes! This the part we love to do as well. We take great pride that we have participated in a number of fundraising  campaign to sponsor chosen under privileged kids to receive our praying set and hijabs. Do stay tuned with updates on this. Participating in our fundraising means that you'll be making another person happy and motivated to kick start something new. It should surely means a lot to these receivers.

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