Tudung Ekspres Rainbow

These are just a few reasons why you need to own some of RAINBOW kids hijab collection:

  • The ultimate hijab for flawless look for your little princess. Made from high quality Lycra, the material is not too thick, and not too light weight. 
  • It is just perfect for her! The accessories are made to enhance the beauty of RAINBOW kids hijab. One of a kind, you and your daughter will love it
  • She will definitely look so adorable with RAINBOW kids hijab. The slip on hijab is so quick and so easy, you can just put it on and go. No pins required, thus allowing them to explore the world freely and beautifully.
  • RAINBOW kids hijab collection comes in 4 sizes and is usually running low in stocks. We constantly make new designs and will not replenish existing stocks.

So, do grab yours as fast as you can now.  

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