When I handed over to Maryam her first hijab around two years ago she didn’t make a big deal

about it nor was she making a big fuss over it. Her feedback was merely a simple “Okay, thank

you mommy” and she tossed it aside after having a brief look at it. Me being myself, always

excited to try out new things I purchased for my one and only girl and so, I instantly picked it up

and put in on her. I told her, “Let’s try this one Maryam and see how pretty you are wearing it”.

It has always been me who is overly excited rather than my daughter. Aren’t we all like that with

our daughters? After much persuasion and a few try-outs, the piece ended up laying on the

carpet amongst her other toys.

Fast forward, she is now a six years old girl and has become more aware of the reasons behind

wearing a hijab for Muslim women as soon as they reach puberty. After all, most of the

important women in her life is wearing it; myself, her grandma which she fondly calls Wan, her

aunties and even some of her cousins. So, women in hijabs is a natural scenario for her and I

reckon it will also be a natural process for her should she decides to wear it one day. Being a

child, there were days she voluntarily put it on and on some days, she hurriedly leave the house

without wearing it. Well, I’m ok with that ☺

I always find it adorable for little girls to wear hijabs. Whenever I came across girls on the street

wearing hijabs, I have this urge of wanting to create a hijab that will be loved by them. One that

is pretty and comfortable. One that is worn with a sense of pride and ownership so that

eventually that piece of cloth will be part of them rather than forced on them. I knew this will

only be realised if I could come out with my own line. And, with that goal in mind, Hijab Junior

brand was created in November 2014.

When I decided to produce our first hijab, what was more natural for me than to ask for some

ideas from my very own Maryam. So one fine day, during our once-a-month girls’ day outing, I

asked her, “Kakak, if you were to wear tudung like me, what kind of tudung do you like?” She

instantly answered “Pink! (her favourite colour) and I must look pretty wearing it”, with a big

grin on her face and continued downing her all-time favourite Carbonara.

A sincere and yet meaningful answer from her. It made me realised that nowadays, girls as

young as Maryam know what they want and yes, they are already conscious with their

appearance hence, design does matters.  So, when I released our first product, Hijab Junior Syria

Collection (targeted for girls between 3 to pre-teen age group), my target was to come out with

a selection that could capture the hearts of these girls and loved by them.

The experience of buying a hijab for a girl is thrilling as much as seeing them wearing it, no

doubt. Nevertheless, more often than not, deciding which one is not as easy as you think it is,

considering the variety of choices we have nowadays.  So, if you are one of them who find

yourself at the crossroads, here are some tips that we at Hijab Junior think is worth considering

when shopping for hijabs either for the mini you or any girl for that matter:

1. Size and length that fits the wearer nicely according to their age. Choose one that will

2. Fabric that is acceptable in our hot and humid weather. Look for those that feel cool to

3. Fuss-free and practical so it is perfect for those who are new to hijab and manageable

4. Perfectly clad to the wearer face shapes. Stretchy materials are a good example here;

5. Minimal use of pins hence hassle-free for mommies and girls. It means less time spent

6. A good piece of hijab that is neatly stitched. Good quality stitches ensure durability of

7. Wrinkle-free hence easier maintenance. Less ironing time please! Don’t we mommies

8. Soft, pastel colours can never go wrong with girls especially the younger ones. However,

Easy peasy right? Guess I have got it all covered for mommies up there. Now, you can go ahead

and splurge your girls with new hijabs to add to their collections.

Till then, be safe people.

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