10 Reasons Why I Love Wearing Hijab

Today I feel like posting my top 10 reasons on why I love wearing Hijab:

1. It shows my obedience to Allah (SWT), that I am willing to do more for the sake of Allah.
2. It just looks beautiful and as fashionable as always. Accessorizing is fun!
3. Hijab looks beautiful on anyone! No matter what the colour or style
4. I feel protected when I have hijab on
5. I am valued more for mind (Insha Allah) than the materialistic things I am wearing
6. Hijab is a great way to talk to other non-muslim women about Islam (good topic starter)
7. Maintaining the momentum to be in my best akhlak since I am representing the Muslim community
8. Saves on the cost of hair products
9. Men know (even non muslim men) that it is not appropriate to approach me (usually)
10. I am preserved for my husband and his eyes alone

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